What is the best time of year to visit Bangkok?

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The best time to visit Bangkok is from November to February, during the dry season. The weather during this time is generally cooler and less humid, and the temperature ranges around 30 degrees Celcius. However, it is also the peak tourist season, so the prices are a little high. Bangkok has a tropical climate and remains warm and sunny throughout the year. It has two distinct seasons, wet and dry. The wet or rainy season is from May to October, while the dry season is from November to April. The wettest months are September and October, while March to May is considered the hottest period when temperatures soar above 40 degrees Celcius. December is the driest month in Bangkok.

To experience beach weather in Bangkok, you can visit anytime between December to March. The city holds the title for being the hottest city in the world, so expect day temperatures to soar above 30 degrees Celcius (unless you’re visiting in the winter season). The southwest monsoons hit Bangkok between May to October. The weather during this period is mainly unpredictable, and clouds dominate the skies.

Summer Season in Bangkok

Summer in Bangkok is very hot. This season is from April to June. Bangkok’s weather in May becomes hot and humid and the temperature soars up to 40 degrees C. The Thai New Year also falls during this period, and people enjoy it with a water fight that goes on for three days. Though one may need to stay indoors while visiting Bangkok during this time of the year due to the extreme temperatures, there are many water activities that one can enjoy with friends and family. Boat cruises, shopping in air-conditioned malls, and enjoying Thai cuisine at rooftop bars and lounges are some of the best things to do in Bangkok during the summer season.

Monsoon Season in Bangkok

This season in Bangkok falls between July and October. This is the leanest tourist season in Bangkok because of the hot and humid weather. During this season, the prices for hotels and other water activities are heavily discounted. This is the cheapest time to visit Bangkok when travelers get flight tickets, hotels, and a shopping experience at very low prices. The place experiences uneven rainfall patterns with light showers from time to time. Bangkok’s temperature during monsoons is suitable for partake in many indoor activities, which include visiting shopping malls, entertainment complexes, aquariums, temples, and the like.

The best time to visit Bangkok for shopping is from mid-November to mid-December. During this period, the city is sparsely crowded. The shopkeepers prepare for the peak season. Therefore, the prices are very reasonable as compared to those during January, February, and March when all the services and products are offered at much higher prices due to heavy tourist footfall. To save money on flights and hotels, one can visit Bangkok during the rainy season when the weather is not very hot, as it is a lean time for Bangkok’s tourism industry.

Thus, the best time to visit Bangkok is the winter season, i.e., during November and December when Bangkok, Thailand weather is pleasant, and prices are low.

Winter Season in Bangkok

Winters in Bangkok are cold with frequent light showers. Bangkok’s winter season lasts from November to March. The cold and calm weather makes this season the best time for Bangkok travel. The weather in the city is delightful during this season, and tourists get to see some of the most beautiful scenery. On average, there are two days of rainfall in a month during this season. December is the coldest month and the temperatures at night can fall by almost 20. C. Bangkok weather in December witnessed increased prices by vendors and hotels. So the overall cost of the trip might escalate a little in comparison to what one might have budgeted for.

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