Most Popular Drinks of India Statewise

India is known for its diverse range of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that vary from state to state. Here’s a list of some popular drinks from different states in India:

  1. Chai (Tea)Nationwide:
    • Chai is a ubiquitous drink across India, prepared with black tea leaves, milk, sugar, and spices like cardamom, ginger, and cloves. Variations exist in every state.
  2. LassiPunjab:
    • A yogurt-based drink, often sweet (sweet lassi) or savory (salty lassi). Mango lassi is a popular variation.
  3. Filter CoffeeTamil Nadu:
    • Strong, aromatic coffee made from dark roasted coffee beans and chicory, typically served with milk.
  4. SolkadhiGoa:
    • A refreshing and tangy drink made from kokum fruit and coconut milk.
  5. ThandaiRajasthan/Uttar Pradesh:
    • A cool, spiced milk drink made with almonds, fennel seeds, and saffron, often associated with the Holi festival.
  6. Nimbu Pani (Lemonade)Maharashtra:
    • A simple, homemade drink made with lemon juice, sugar, and water, often flavored with a pinch of salt and mint.
  7. Aam PannaHaryana:
    • A sweet and tangy drink made from raw mangoes, sugar, and spices.
  8. BhangUttar Pradesh/Rajasthan:
    • A traditional Indian cannabis-infused drink often consumed during the Holi festival.
  9. FeniGoa:
    • A spirit made from cashew apples (Cashew Feni) or coconut sap (Coconut Feni).
  10. ChhangHimachal Pradesh/Ladakh:
    • A traditional fermented barley or rice beer, served warm.
  11. Kala KhattaMaharashtra:
    • A sweet and tangy syrup often used to make a flavored drink, similar to a slushie.
  12. ChaangSikkim:
    • A millet-based alcoholic beverage, similar to beer, popular among the local communities.
  13. Nannari SherbatTamil Nadu:
    • A sweet, cooling drink made from the root of the nannari plant, often served in summer.
  14. Sugarcane JuiceUttar Pradesh/Gujarat:
    • Freshly extracted sugarcane juice is a popular street drink, sometimes served with a dash of lime and ginger.
  15. Kesar Badam MilkKashmir:
    • A rich and creamy drink made with saffron and almonds.
  16. Bael SherbetUttar Pradesh/Bihar:
    • A cooling drink made from the pulp of the bael fruit, known for its digestive properties.
  17. Kokum JuiceMaharashtra:
    • A tart and refreshing drink made from kokum fruit, often enjoyed in the coastal regions.
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