Indian Sim Coverage in Japan

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About which Indian SIM works best in Japan, mainly for OTPs and messages, various experiences were shared:

  1. Jio: Some users like Ashutosh Deshpande found that Jio worked well for them in Japan, even connecting through local networks like Docomo and AU. They mentioned that even after the international roaming pack expired, the connection remained active as long as there was a sufficient top-up balance.
  2. Airtel: Users like Purnima Rai and Pra Tik reported that Airtel worked effectively for receiving OTPs. Jitendra Kumawat mentioned using Airtel postpaid successfully for almost 8 years.
  3. Vodafone: Anand Lilani mentioned using Vodafone prepaid on international roaming for the last 10 years with a monthly roaming fee of INR 99, finding it perfectly suitable.

Mixed experiences were noted, with some users facing issues with Jio where the service did not work as expected without specific settings or additional international roaming packs. Others found Airtel and Vodafone reliable. The discussion highlighted that it might be beneficial to activate international roaming before leaving India and to ensure sufficient balance to maintain service continuity.

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