Tamhini Ghat, Weekend Destination, 40km from Pune, Maharashtra

Tamhini Ghat is 60 km from Pune. This place is just awesome. You will witness true beauty of Nature in Tamhini. There are many waterfalls along the road. Best time to visit in monsoon

Tamhini Ghat and Mulshi Lake must be in your list of monsoon weekend visits. Along with the awestruck weather, these places have mesmerizing waterfalls on their way, and roadside eateries (corn, pakodas, maggi, tea) are just cherry on the cake – you just can’t resist to have them. Although bikes are easy to ride and avoid jams on the way (at the ghat, lakeside, near waterfalls), if you’re a couple (and not a biking enthusiast), I’d suggest going by a car would be more comfortable because you “might” always find some nuisance creating people at such places. Also car would usually be less tiring in heavy rains, and it’s very common to see such rains in here.

Tamhini Ghats is close to 180 Km from Mumbai (lesser known as against Mulshi ghats). The place is a heaven during rainy season and has some breath-taking views and waterfalls.

Don’t forget to cover the valley. its almost 10 kms from the 3rd waterfall. take a right and travel for 4 kms. You will get to see beautiful and picturesque valley which will make you say just WOW !!

Best Time to Visit – In monsoons it’s scenic with its greenery and waterfalls. In winters also, the presence is supreme.

Best Way to Reach – Car or Bike

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Ghoradeshwar Hills & Cave,Near Dehu, Maharashtra

Ghoradeshwar is close to Pune city near NH4 highway connecting to Mumbai. It is situated near old Mumbai-Pune highway. It has ancient Lord Shiva temple & caves which were carved out of single rock. Once you reach inside these caves they looks quite similar to Pataleshawar caves, Shivajinagar.

Ghoradeshwar Hills Video Log

We visited on Saturday morning to explore the Ghoradeshwar. It took us 25-30 minutes to reach the hilltop with 4-5 halts. Nice & clean hiking track with two passages of staircase also. Amazing view of city & surrounded places from the track & hilltop. We have old Shiv temple followed by Saint Tukaram temple in the vicinity. Temple seems to be very old. Partially maintained. standing at the back side gives you the cricket stadium view as well.

In monsoon season and the beauty of the mountains and caves is awesome. The trek is easy for a healthy person. You approach the mountains through the woods which is a good experience.

If you ascend from the MCA stadium side you need to walk to the other side and decent for about 20 mts. to access the cave, but the caves are worth the extra mile.

Overall, we completed it in an hour & returned back to Pune. Need to carry your own water bottle & snack as there is only 1 food outlet at the foothill which opens at 7:30 AM.

How to reach using Local Bus?
From Nigdi bus depo, by road it takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach till Shankarwadi the place name at the foothills of Ghoradeshwar temple.
I took PMPML day pass for Rs. 70/-. Travelled from Pune to Nigdi.
From Nigdi took bus no. 305 Wadgaon Maval & got down at Shankarwadi bus stop i.e. foot hill of Ghoradeshwar temple.

How to reach using Train?
The other route is by local train to reach upto Begedewadi railway station. Then it will take 15 minutes walk upto foothills of Ghoradeshwar temple.

On reaching temple location, you will see:

  1. Right side road with hand railings. It leads to main Lord Shiva temple & caves at a very short distance
  2. Left side road. It leads to Vithal Rukmini temple at a very short distance
  3. Center road leads to top of hill leading sequence wise to:
  4. 1 more Lord Shiva temple located above the main Lord Shiva temple Visitors are unaware of it.
  5. Maharaj’s Mattha (A house like shade) Ignore it, nothing to see. A family was staying in it.
  6. Topmost point of hill – Provide good panoramic views all around including a nice view of Gahunje Stadium from top.
    One can watch a cricket match with a high quality binocular from top.

Ghoradeshwar temple has become a week end picnic spot.
Worth visiting, if nothing is planned on week end as roads are having less traffic on Saturday & Sunday being off day for many industries or companies.

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