Jaisalmer City Tour

Jaisalmer City Tour

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Jaisalmer City Tour

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Jaisalmer is a prominent tourist spot located in the northwestern state of Rajasthan in India. It is known as the 'golden city' due to its golden dunes and castles clad in golden honey sandstone. Jaisalmer is adorned with lakes, ornate Jain temples, and Havelis. Climb onto the camel saddle and make your way through this desert to camp under the starry night sky for an unforgettable experience. The Jaisalmer Fort stands as a citadel with narrow alleys inhabited by people for generations and shops selling colorful handicrafts. Jaisalmer is a town, and to reach the Sand Dunes, travelers have to take a jeep safari followed by a camel ride. Thus, Jaisalmer is an amalgamation of exotic Indian desert culture, heritage, and adventure.


Jaisalmer City Tour
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001, India 345001
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India


18 May 2024, 06:00 AM
18 May 2024, 08:00 PM

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Iternary Details:

Day 1 : Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001, India Click Here

1. Jaisalmer Fort

Time: 08.00 AM

Jaisalmer Fort is famously known as the Golden Fort of Rajasthan. It was constructed by Raja Jaisal, a Rajput ruler in the year 1156 AD. It ranks amongst the largest forts in the world. The golden and yellow mixed sandstone offers a magical look to the Fort. Rising from the desert sands like a mirage, the fort is a real sight with its 99 turrets during the night. The Fort stands tall and proud displaying the magic of Rajasthani architecture.

2. Bada Bagh

Time: 19.00 AM

Bada Bagh means ‘Huge Garden’. Maharawal Jait Singh’s period saw its construction, which was at the beginning of the 16th century. His son Lunakaran completed the construction after the death of his father. The garden served as a memorial where the nobles and their families were cremated. The garden offers a stunning view. The place is isolated. If you visit the place during sunrise and sunset, you are guaranteed beautiful moments, which you cannot avoid clicking.

3. Patwon-Ki-Haveli

Time: 10.00 AM

Patwon-Ki-Haveli is located in the main city. It was built by a famous trader named Guman Chand and his sons. This massive five-storied construction has five intricately decorated huge suites. The large corridors and the decorated walls are excellent representations of the art form that prevailed. The entire construction is made of yellow sandstone. The grandeur and the architecture of the monument add immense value to the cultural heritage of the city. Out of the five havelis, one is converted into a museum. The third haveli houses the works of local craftsmen of the bygone era.

4. Sam Sand Dunes

Time: 11.00 AM

To have a feel of the desert, you need to undertake Desert Safari. Sam Sand Dunes is the ideal location to set off for the Desert Safari. You will love the safari on camelback that would take you along crests and troughs and you could watch the picturesque sunset in the desert. Jeep safaris are available as well. Desert festival is organized in the months of February and March. If you are around this time, you would not want to miss the folk dances, camel races, and other cultural events conducted here.

5. The Thar Heritage Museum

Time: 12.00 PM

Thar Heritage Museum is located at the main market of the city. Laxmi Narayan Khatri was the founder of this museum. The museum presents you with the history, culture, art, and architecture of the famous Thar Desert. Sea fossils aging over a million years let us in on how the sea eventually became the Thar Desert. The museum houses unique ornaments of the ship of the desert and horses. Documents and coins of Jaisalmer, ancient manuscripts, and weapons are some of the collections found in this museum.

6. Gadisar Lake

Time: 02.00 PM

Gadisar Lake is located a kilometer away from the fort. It was constructed by the first ruler of the land, Raja Rawal Jaisal, and later reconstructed by Maharawal Garsi in the year 1367 AD. The people of the desert city depended on this tank for their water needs. You will find temples, Holy shrines, and Chatteris around the banks of this lake. The artistically carved entrance made of yellow sandstone offers a breathtaking view.

7. Nathmal-ki-Haveli

Time: 03.00 pm

Nathmal Ki Haveli was built by two Muslim jeweler brothers not stone carvers on the order of the then-prime minister. The brothers started working on opposite sides of the building which lead to a similar but non-identical left and right side. Apart from its extraordinary outer carvings, this haveli is known for its beautiful interiors filled with paintings and equipped with modern facilities. An amalgamation of Islamic and Rajputana architecture, Nathmal Ki Haveli is well justified as being one of the most beautiful havelis in Jaisalmer.

8. Jain Temples

Time: 04.00 pm

Located inside Jaisalmer Fort, Jain temples are a series of temples dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras and can be traced back to the 12th century. The temples are known for their distinctive architectural style modeled after the Dilwara temple of Mt. Abu. Beautifully carved and well interconnected, these temples are a vision to behold and are completely made up of yellow sandstone.

9. Salim Singh Ki Haveli

Time: 05.00 PM

Among all the havelis in Jaisalmer, Salim Singh Ki Haveli is known for its distinctive and eye-catching architecture. It was built by the then minister, Salim Singh who wanted to make it as high as the fort but was prohibited by the king. It has 38 balconies with its own distinctive style of architecture and a peacock-shaped roof. This haveli provides a good glimpse into the past and the photographs taken here would be awe-inspiring.

10. Khuri

Time: 06.00 pm

A small village famous for its sand dunes, Khuri has scenic sunset viewpoints and offers a good look at Thar’s ecosystem due to its location. This is an affordable substitute for Sam Sand dunes and would be ideal for people looking forward to relaxing among lesser crowds. Camel riding, Desert camping are some of the activities that can be done here.

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Jaisalmer holds a major place in the tourism landscape of Rajasthan. Located in the northwestern part of the Indian State, it is popularly called as the golden city because of its bounteous golden sand dunes and castles built with golden honey sandstones. The city is adorned with a number of lagoons, ornamental Jain places of worship, and lavish Havelis. Jaisalmer is also known for its offbeat desert safari experience. Jaisalmer is home to some of the most sought-after attractions of the nation like the majestic Jaisalmer Fort, full of the live desert national park, ancient Kuldhara Village, beautifully designed Jain temples, surreal Gadisar Lake, rustic Sam Sand Dunes, artistic Tazia Tower and Badal Palace, intricately designed Patwon ki Haveli, glorious bada bagh, and many more significant places of tourist attractions.

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