Travel tips for trekking at Waterfalls

Travel tips for trekking at Waterfalls




Go for forest friendly coloured clothes like


Don’t jump into water pool as there
could be boulders beneath

Flat, comfortable walking shoes

Tease animals

Before plunging into stream for swimming seek
locals’ advice

Camera preferably with a tele photo lens

Talk loudly/make noise

Carry a bottle of kerosene to smear over
the shoes to avoid leeches

Torch, sunglasses and hat

Get off the vehicle unless asked

Do not step on bounlders covered with algae
as they might slip

Essential Medicines

Use strong perfumes

Stay away from alcohol and liquor


Pick up anything as Souvenir

Do not go too close to the falls, as the water pressure
could gush you out

Light jacket for winter

Touch insects/birds nest


Listen to sounds of nature

Wear bright coloured clothes


Observe/obey safety rules during safaries,
coracles/boat rides and rafting

Play music


Always be alert

Disturb the tranquivility of the place



Feed animals