National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries in Karnataka

Karnataka’s forests and wildlife are her priceless natural heritage. The State boasts some of the largest jungle tracts south of the Vindhyas. From the majestic evergreen forests of the Western Ghats to the scrub jungles of the plains, a wide variety of habitats teem with diverse flora and fauna, some of them endemic to the region.
Some of these jungles were the private preserves of former rulers. Thanks to their protection, these jungles have survived. However, some of the lesser-known ones are sanctuaries protected by the local populace.
National Parks in Karnataka

  1. Anshi national park
  2. Bandipur national park
  3. Bannerghatta national park
  4. Kudremukh national park
  5. Rajiv Gandhi nationl park (Nagerhole)

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Karnataka

  1. Adichunchangiri Peacock Sanctuary
  2. Arabithittu wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Attiveri Bird Sanctuary
  4. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Biligiri Rangaswamy temple wildlife Sanctuary (BR Hills)
  6. Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
  7. Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary
  8. Dandeli wildlife Sanctuary
  9. Daroji sloth bear Sanctuary
  10. Ghataprabha bird Sanctuary
  11. Gudavi bird Sanctuary
  12. Melkote wildlife Sanctuary
  13. Mookambika wildlife Sanctuary
  14. Nugu wildlife Sanctuary
  15. Pushpagiri wildlife Sanctuary
  16. Ranebennur blackbuck Sanctuary
  17. Ranganathittu bird Sanctuary
  18. Sharavathi bird Sanctuary
  19. Shettihalli wildlife Sanctuary
  20. Someshawara wildlife Sanctuary
  21. Talacauvery wildlife Sanctuary