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Devops is not a job or profession, Devops is a culture. A healthy culture of organization’s Dev and Ops guys to cooperate with each other.
DevOps is exciting because you are always working with integrating new technologies and solving new challenges. I think the DevOps area has a lot of growth potential in the future.
However as I would like to think, DevOps should rather be a cross functional role that sits across different Functional Units and encourage and promote DevOps concepts among these areas.

DevOps helps You deliver the best user experience possible and benefits your company by increasing the frequency of deployments of your software and services. DevOps helps to improve performance and quickly release of application. As speedy delivery of software has become a strategic business asset, progressive IT organizations are pursuing a DevOps culture, where development and operations teams, systems, and tools work in lockstep.
Thus each company require DevOps trainer or DevOps specialist to help design, develop, tools work and teach multiple courses in a professional.
Before selecting the right DevOps trainer and mentor, first organization must evaluate the qualities and experience what the DevOps coach has and bringing the new capabilities in the projects. I would rather say, these are the following qualities of DevOps instructors must have in order to guide the project and company to implement the DevOps approach.

A decent trainer makes conveying a class looks simple and consistent.

A best DevOps trainer is delicate to his or her own particular vitality level and that of the class.

Since DevOps trainer are good examples, they ought to be develop, certain and energetic.

A best DevOps trainer knows the material, lives it, inhales it, and can imbue their own understanding into it.

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