Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Himachal Pradesh-Malana

Malana village is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh its popular for popular in international stoners’ culture that every person wants to visit this little Greece in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh for the Malana Village lies in proximity to Kasol. So today I am going to answer you the most asked query that is How to reach Malana from Kasol. Here villagers celebrate Fagli festival. The festival is one of the most improtant for the Malanis. Malana are the great attractions of sorts in them – towering customs, mindset and practices which include the Cannabis farming, touch-me-not believes, lambs as a medium of law and order and just so many taboos that have caught the fancy of all of India. With that in mind, explore the famous places to visit in Malana and its surroundings for an experience for a lifetime.

Attractions Views Of Malana

Jamadagni Temple,Renuka Devi Shrine Temple,The Chanderkheni,The Deo Tibba Mountain,The Hampta Pass,Manikaran,The Great Himalayan National Park,Parvati Valley

How To Reach Malana?

From Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate ISBT take a bus to Buntar in Kullu. From Buntar you need to take another bus ride to Jari which is enroute to Kasol, about 22km from Buntar. Jari is a tiny village from where you need to hail a taxi for Malana, about 800 bucks.Aug 3, 2017. Malana is well connected with to Kullu valle Malana, which is only 12 km from here. The nearest Airport is at Buntar, 13 km away from Jari.

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