Top 10 Hangout and Tourist Places in West Bengal-Asansol

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Asansol is the second greatest city in West Bengal, after Kolkata. It is additionally one of the busiest business places of India and the most populated city in West Bengal. It is located approximately 200 km from Kolkata, West Bengal’s capital. The city’s economy is primarily dependant on its coal and steel industries and railways. The city is located amid two famous rivers – River Ajay and River Damodar. This cosmopolitan city has hot, dry summers and cold, chilly winters. Asansol is primarily a mining and industrial town, that is rapidly emerging as a modern city.

Attraction Views Of Asansol

Popular places of tourist attraction in Asansol are the Rabindra Bhawan, Nazrul Academy, the Kalyaneshwari Temple, Burnpur Riverside, the Jagannath temple etc.The Kalyaneshwari Temple : The Kalyaneshwari Temple is a popular tourist destination in Asansol.

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