Where to rent a bike in pondicherry?

Availing bike on daily rent is pondicherry. After availing bike, you need to fill your own petrol as give you petrol only to reach nearest petrol pump. They will ask one of the Govt ID card for temporary keeping purpose. Some of them will ask 500+ as a advance as well. Its depends. Always try to take bike and share the id card from established shops as you can trust them. Usually the charges is as follows

  1. Off Seasons & Weekdays – INR 200/Day.
  2. Wekkends – INR 250/Day
  3. Hot Season and Holidays time – INR 300/Day

Some of the shops where you can find a bike in pondicherry on rest are as follows;

  1. MMK Bike – 9345412123 or 9585812123
  2. Vijay Arya – 9600334488 or 9345425099.
  3. Ambal twowheelers rent – 91599 78080

Please add other providers in comment sections…..



Chunnambar Boat House near Paradise Beach in Pondicherry

Chunnambar Boat House near Paradise Beach in Pondicherry

Chunambar is a quaint located along Cuddalore Main Road, around 8 km from Pondicherry. This serene town is visited by tourists for its beach, which is known as Paradise Beach, situated near the mouth of the backwater. With pristine sand and crystallized water, it is a perfect place for one to spend a day out playing water sports and bathing in the sun. A short cruise is also organized for the visitors which gives them a fantastic overall view of the serene beauty of the waters. They offer a boat ride to and frm to visit Paradise Beach at Rs. 300/- per person which is worth only Rs. 100/- Would recommend to visit only morning hours or evening hours after 4 as its too hot to visit the beach between 12 to 4 PM.