10 Best Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh In 2020


Tawang is located at state of Arunachal Pradesh high altitude town located in the lap of the mighty Himalayas which offers a perfect blend of nature and culture, here lots of historical and important palace are famous for being the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso. The beautiful city of Twang, also pronounced as Dawang has many sceneries to make your trip a racy one. Tawang is an interpretation of Buddhist monks. Tawang is the place to go for cloister, with the Tawang friary being the most popular one and extremely sacred for the Buddhists. The beautiful orchid sanctuary and the Tipi Orchid Sanctuary is also an ideal place for your list of places to visit. Along with this one can have their taste buds to have an experience of Tawang by indulging into the area's unique cuisine. The main temple, Dukhang, boasts of magnificent interiors with beautiful artwork while the inner walls contain sketches and paintings of Bodhisattvas.

Which season is best of Tawang

The best season to visit Tawang is the summers season. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. The best months to visit are March, April, May, June, September and October.

Attractions Views Of Tawang

There are some attraction views of The Mall, The Ridge, Christ Church, Jakhoo, Badi ki dhar, Jutogh, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Summer Hill, Annadale, Junga, Totu, Mashobra, Kufri, Chharabra, Chail, Sanjauli, Rashtrapati Niwas.

How To Reach Tawang

By air. Nearest airport from Tawang is located in Tezpur (Salonibari Airport) at a distance of 387 km.

By road.Best way to reach Tawang through the road is via cab or bus services.

By train. Nearest railway station from Tawang is Rangapara Railway Station, at a distance of 383 km.

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Roing is called cool and refreshing. Roing city bank of the Dibang River which adds beauty as well as a silence to the aura of the place as it flows by it. It is one of the most exciting places in Arunachal Pradesh. Roing is a treasure trove for cultural enthusiasts, trekkers, and history buffs. Roing has a glorious history and archaeological sites that will render you curious. This city won't let anyone down. It has many beautiful lakes, rivers and gorges for nature lovers. The Bhismaknagar fort and Nehru Udyan add historical significance to the place. Mayudia pass, however, steals the limelight with snow coverage for most part of the year.

Which season is best for Roing

Roing is the best seasons for visit. It is best visited during the summer season, i.e. between March and June as the weather remains pleasantly cool.

Attractions Views of Roing

The attractions views of Roing. Sally Lake, Roing, Deopani Bridge, Deopani Park, Roing Zoo.

How To Reach Roing

Dibrugarh Town Railway Station in Tinsukia is the major Railway Station to reach Roing and is located about 113 km away.
The closest airport is Dibrugarh Airport at a distance of 144 kilometres. You can hire a cab from here or take Arunachal Pradesh State Transport (APSRTC) bus service.

Roing can be easily reached by road from all major Assam and Arunachal Pradesh cities. You can either hire a cab or get Arunachal Pradesh State Transport (APSRTC) bus service via national highway 15 and 115 km.

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Itanagar is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh is situated between two hills. Itanagar is famous for many its lively festivals, rich fauna and flora, educational sites and also for distinctive historic and archaeological sites. Itanagar is a natural heaven. The 15th century Ita-Fort, legendary Ganga Lake which is locally known as Gyakar Sinyi and the Buddha Vihar, consecrated by Dalai Lama are among the most important attractions here. There are lots of Places like Ita Fort, Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum, Ganga Lake, Biological Park Itanagar, Indira Gandhi Park, etc. attract many tourists throughout the year.

Which season is best of Itanagar

Best season to visit Itanagar October to April are the best months to visit Itanagar as the weather is very pleasant. Summers, especially June could be a little hot, still manageable.

Attractions Views Of Itanagar

These are the attractions views of Itanagar like Ganga Lake, Ita Fort, Namdapha National Park, Rupa, Gompa Buddhist Temple, Itanagar WildLife Sanctuary

How To Reach Itanagar

By Air. Lilabari in Assam is the nearest airport at a distance of 67 km

By Train. Harmuti is the nearest railway station at a distance of 33 km.

By Road. Itanagar is well connected to most neighbouring regions of Arunachal Pradesh.

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Pasighat is known as the Gateway of Arunachal Pradesh and is a pure paradise for nature lovers. If you are looking for great palace adventure activities like white river rafting, boating and angling (similar to fishing) will certainly set you rolling here. Pasighat Home to river Brahmaputra which transcends down from Tibet, this place is a photographer's delight for comprising abundant sceneries of nature. There are mainly two communities who are still living in the village in and around Pasighat. Its place stagnant has the beauty and the culture intact and it hasn't lost its charm as commercial tourism is yet to reach here, its places that make your visit to this town unforgettable.

Which season is best of Pasighat

The best time to visit Pasighat turns out to be during the months of January, February, March, April, May and October when the temperature is suitable and cool and it's not pouring heavily.

Attractions Views Of Pasighat

The best attraction views of Pasighat Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Pangin, Kekar Monying, Komsing, Siang River.

How To Reach Pasighat

The nearest railhead to Pasighat is Murkong Selek (35 km away) and the nearest air base is Dibrugarh (Mohanbari) and Guwahati (Assam).

Buses and taxis are easily available from these railway stations and airports taking you to Pasighat.

The closest railway station to Pasighat is Murkong Selek at a distance of 35 kilometres. From here, you can get a prepaid taxi or bus services.

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Bomdila is beside the Chaos city, Bomdila is a remote curious town which gives you a brief look at the one of a kind culture and tradition. You can enjoy the natural majesty of this town set amidst the snow-laden hills and vibrant landscape, lush green valley and apple orchards. Some of the famous places to visit here are Bomdila Monastery, Sissa Orchid Sanctuary, Gompas, Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Bomdila View Point and much more. Bomdila gives you an opportunity to enjoy the wildlife, culture and tradition and the beauty of nature at one place. It is really one of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh.

Which season is best of Bomdila

The best season for Bomdila April to October is the best time to visit Bomdila. June is 'summers' in the region, but Bomdila still stays pleasant and the maximum temperature does not rise beyond 30 degrees Celcius.

Attractions Views Of Bomdila

These are the attrcations views of Bomdila. Bomdila Monastery, Apple Orchards, Bomdila View Point, Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Tipi Orchid Reserve, Upper Gompa, Lower Gompa, R.R Hill

How To Reach Bomdila

By Air: The closest airport is Tezpur Airport located about 150 kilometres from Bomdila

By Rail: Rangapara North Railway Station is the closest to Bomdila at a distance of 145 kilometres

By Road: Bomdila can be easily reached via roadways from either Tezpur or Guwahati.g which you can go by car or bus. The roadways are scenic and add to the experience.

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Tirap district is situated in the south eastern of Arunachal Pradesh is across 2363 square kilometers of area. It imparts boundaries with Nagaland in Assam and Myanmar. There is jewellery made from beads and there are headgears, elephant tusks and several other artifacts which mark its uniqueness. Tirap is a treasure for eco lovers and adventure enthusiasts as they indulge in trekking, camping and what not, in the lap of nature far beyond artificial cities. Another spectacular attribute of this place is the ethnicity of tribals and their festivals, fairs and flawless artworks which are created with intense dedication.!

Which season is best of Tirap

The best season to visit in the Tirap. Its best for in Winter season (October - December) Winters are cold with the temperatures dipping as low as 1 degrees Celsius

Attractions Views Of Tirap

The attractions views of Tirap as like District museum, Khonsa museum, Khonsa waterfallKheti and Lajo village, Adventure Sports in Tirap, Games and sports,Festivals, Shopping in Tirap

How To Reach Tirap

By Train. There is no direct train service to Tirap. The nearest railway stations are at Dibrugarh (120 km), Tinsukia (110 km) or Naharkatia (70 km) in Assam

By Air. Dibrugarh is connected to Guwahati by air through 2 daily flights

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In the past Aalo is known as Along, the town of Aalo works as the home office of the West Siang region in Arunachal Pradesh. Lying near a few tiny towns, this humble community is arranged at the assemblage of the two waterways of Sipu and Yomgo. Mechuka Valley, among the most wonderful unconventional spots to visit, can be visited from Aalo to which it is all around associated through the street. With sprouting plantations of oranges in a wonderful cum cool climate, Aalo is best visited in the winter season. On one hand, activities like trekking and river rafting are quite popular here. The surrounding terrain of rocky river banks and jungle cutting through the valley make for excellent hikes.

Which season is best to visit Aalo?

The best to visit in the Aalo in the June in visitors experiences widespread monsoon showers from june till October. Moderate rainfall is can be seen throughout the season

Attractions Views Of Aalo

The attractions views of Aalo as like,Patum Bridge,Donyi Polo Temple,Kazu Village,Cable Bridge, Darka Village,Hanging Bridge, Kamaki Hydropower Dam,Mithun and Jersey Cross Breeding Farm.

How To Reach Aalo

Bus:- The Nearest bus stand from Aalo 5 km Pasighat to Aalo (106 km) while from Moying (150 km) the bus will take around 6.5 hours to reach Aalo.

Airport :- The nearest airport to Aalo is at North Lakhimpur, which is situated in the state of Assam. North Lakhimpur or Lilabari is connected by flight services to Guwahati and Kolkata.

Railway station:- The nearest railway station from Aalo is at Silapathar in Assam, which is 147 kms away.

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Anjaw is situated in the state of Arunachal pradesh. Anjaw is not a much developed tourist destination, but due to its natural surroundings and greenery, it is a place where one can find solitude away from the noise of the cities. Anjaw in Arunachal Pradesh is a newly born district after its split from the Lohit district in 2004. River Lohit, a tributary of Brahmaputra flows by this city which is situated 1296 meters above sea level and is the eastern most district of India; just 20 Km away from the India - China border. People who visit this place not only appreciate the beauty of the nature, weather and ethnicity but also indulge in adventure sports activities.

Which season is best for Anjaw

If you plan to visit Anjaw then March to August are the best months to visit Anjaw. The weather in Anjaw is sub tropical which makes it a region to visit anytime during the year. However, it is advised to visit Anjaw during the summers to enjoy the natural beauty of this place.

Attractions Views Of Anjaw

These are attractions views of Anjaw as like, Kibithoo, Tezu, Hawai and Hayuliang, Dong, Walong, Chaglagam

How To Reach Anjaw

Airport :- The nearest of Anjaw Dibrugarh airport is 150 km from Anjaw. It's a well connected Also, Guwahati airport is nearby and is well connected from the other main cities of the country.

Bus :- . You can also reach Anjaw through roads as there are local buses from Ziro, Tezu, Along and Daporijo.

Railway station:- Tinsukia railway station is the nearest railway station.

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