DevOps Trainers in Chennai

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a handy shibboleth. Someone who is attracted to the word is more likely to be enthusiastic about an environment where the lines between software and infrastructure are blurred, if they exist at all.

DevOps integrates developers and operation teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automation infrastructure, automating workflows and continuously application performance. DevOps helps you deliver the best user experience possible and benefits your company by increasing the frequency of deployments of your software and services. DevOps helps to improve performance and quickly release of application. As rapid delivery of software has become a strategic business asset, progressive IT organizations are pursuing a DevOps culture, where development and operations teams, systems, and tools work in lockstep. By aligning goals and sharing tools and strategies, you can improve velocity and code quality, allowing you to innovate faster.

Why do we need DevOps?

Now more than ever, IT serves as the nervous system of the organization, as well as making up an increasing amount of a company’s muscle mass. Why? Most critical business functions are entirely automated within IT, 50% of all capital spending is technology-related, and 95% of all capital projects depend on IT to get done.

  • Even more fragile code put into production
  • Release cycles lengthen to amortize cost of deployments
  • Less complex problems to fix
  • More stable operating environments for the an organisation where employees can work in much better way
  • More time available to add value to the organisation

Requirement of DevOps Trainers in Chennai?

Demand for people with DevOps skills is growing rapidly because businesses get great results from DevOps. Organizations using DevOps practices are overwhelmingly high-functioning: They deploy code up to 30 times more frequently than their competitors, and 50 percent fewer of their deployments fail.


Ops, Dev, and Testing are in different groups and use different systems to manage their environments, the feedback loop that should be in place between Ops and Dev breaks down. Code is just thrown over the wall to Ops, and the production requirements are never communicated to Dev. So to keep this on in the organisation environment, employees have to buck up with all this details and trainer needed there to guide them where to do what and how to do that.

Qualities of Best DevOps Trainers?

  • the trainer must hear questions raised by trainees and understand if the questions reflect other problem
  • Respect is given to the experience and qualifications they can bring to a situation. This will encourage greater participation and activity by trainers
  • Empathy enables a trainer to point out personal difficulties encountered by him in similar learning situations, so as to put the learners at ease.
  • Trainer knows the techniques of repeating instructions, breaking down a task into small units and allowing time for learners to try out.
  • A good trainer conscientiously moves a group of learners along to a pre-set destination

Well known DevOps Trainers in Chennai?

Our trainers are from the industry, and they working for so many years. They are experienced and professional and confident enough to handle complex situation. You can see their profile, just click here.