Tamhini Ghat, Weekend Destination, 40km from Pune, Maharashtra

Tamhini Ghat is 60 km from Pune. This place is just awesome. You will witness true beauty of Nature in Tamhini. There are many waterfalls along the road. Best time to visit in monsoon

Tamhini Ghat and Mulshi Lake must be in your list of monsoon weekend visits. Along with the awestruck weather, these places have mesmerizing waterfalls on their way, and roadside eateries (corn, pakodas, maggi, tea) are just cherry on the cake – you just can’t resist to have them. Although bikes are easy to ride and avoid jams on the way (at the ghat, lakeside, near waterfalls), if you’re a couple (and not a biking enthusiast), I’d suggest going by a car would be more comfortable because you “might” always find some nuisance creating people at such places. Also car would usually be less tiring in heavy rains, and it’s very common to see such rains in here.

Tamhini Ghats is close to 180 Km from Mumbai (lesser known as against Mulshi ghats). The place is a heaven during rainy season and has some breath-taking views and waterfalls.

Don’t forget to cover the valley. its almost 10 kms from the 3rd waterfall. take a right and travel for 4 kms. You will get to see beautiful and picturesque valley which will make you say just WOW !!

Best Time to Visit – In monsoons it’s scenic with its greenery and waterfalls. In winters also, the presence is supreme.

Best Way to Reach – Car or Bike

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Ghoradeshwar Hills & Cave,Near Dehu, Maharashtra

Ghoradeshwar is close to Pune city near NH4 highway connecting to Mumbai. It is situated near old Mumbai-Pune highway. It has ancient Lord Shiva temple & caves which were carved out of single rock. Once you reach inside these caves they looks quite similar to Pataleshawar caves, Shivajinagar.

Ghoradeshwar Hills Video Log

We visited on Saturday morning to explore the Ghoradeshwar. It took us 25-30 minutes to reach the hilltop with 4-5 halts. Nice & clean hiking track with two passages of staircase also. Amazing view of city & surrounded places from the track & hilltop. We have old Shiv temple followed by Saint Tukaram temple in the vicinity. Temple seems to be very old. Partially maintained. standing at the back side gives you the cricket stadium view as well.

In monsoon season and the beauty of the mountains and caves is awesome. The trek is easy for a healthy person. You approach the mountains through the woods which is a good experience.

If you ascend from the MCA stadium side you need to walk to the other side and decent for about 20 mts. to access the cave, but the caves are worth the extra mile.

Overall, we completed it in an hour & returned back to Pune. Need to carry your own water bottle & snack as there is only 1 food outlet at the foothill which opens at 7:30 AM.

How to reach using Local Bus?
From Nigdi bus depo, by road it takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach till Shankarwadi the place name at the foothills of Ghoradeshwar temple.
I took PMPML day pass for Rs. 70/-. Travelled from Pune to Nigdi.
From Nigdi took bus no. 305 Wadgaon Maval & got down at Shankarwadi bus stop i.e. foot hill of Ghoradeshwar temple.

How to reach using Train?
The other route is by local train to reach upto Begedewadi railway station. Then it will take 15 minutes walk upto foothills of Ghoradeshwar temple.

On reaching temple location, you will see:

  1. Right side road with hand railings. It leads to main Lord Shiva temple & caves at a very short distance
  2. Left side road. It leads to Vithal Rukmini temple at a very short distance
  3. Center road leads to top of hill leading sequence wise to:
  4. 1 more Lord Shiva temple located above the main Lord Shiva temple Visitors are unaware of it.
  5. Maharaj’s Mattha (A house like shade) Ignore it, nothing to see. A family was staying in it.
  6. Topmost point of hill – Provide good panoramic views all around including a nice view of Gahunje Stadium from top.
    One can watch a cricket match with a high quality binocular from top.

Ghoradeshwar temple has become a week end picnic spot.
Worth visiting, if nothing is planned on week end as roads are having less traffic on Saturday & Sunday being off day for many industries or companies.

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Bhaja Caves -Pune – Near Lonavala – Maharashtra – Photo Gallery – Feb – 2018

Bhaja Caves -Pune – Near Lonavala – Maharashtra – Photo Gallery – Feb – 2018

Bhaja Caves or Bhaje caves is a group of 22 rock-cut caves dating back to the 2nd century BC located in Pune district, near Lonavala, Maharashtra

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Bhaja Caves trip Vlog from Holiday Landmarker

Bhaja Caves trip Vlog from Holiday Landmarker

Posted by HolidayLandmark on Wednesday, February 7, 2018


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Why Organizations Should Enhance DevOps Skills of Their Employee?

It’s not shocking that a lot of organizations struggle when it comes to DevOps execution. DevOps is a new conception which IT organizations use to enhance collaboration between two functions into one. In today’s cutthroat business environment, DevOps comes as an important resolution that helps Organizations meet ever-growing business demands.

The meaning of DevOps is different for different peoples. Some says it’s a “collaboration of operations and developers” or it’s using automation or it is a tool chain approach or culture or a job title or it’s just a Dev and Ops or variety of related things. But if we look onto it it’s not just a set of tools or not just a Culture or job title. We can say It is a way of doing work where people of both operations and developer  Skill sets work together on projects to create quality products without wasting resources and  Infrastructure in a short span of time by using best practices of tools.

There are many organizations in the world who are adopting DevOps to enhance their employee

Performances and revenues and profitability of their business. There are many studies done till date where it is clearly shown that where companies implement the DevOps approach get more done, plain & simple. The greatest change in approach in a DevOps environment is that there is a single group made out of cross functional members including operations architects, business expert, DBA’s, QA, developers and so forth. There are many advantages of collaboration among these different roles delivers.

If we look on to benefits there are:-

  1. Continuous software delivery
  2. Less complex problems to fix
  3. Faster resolution of problems
  4. Faster delivery of features
  5. More stable operating environments
  6. More time available to add value (rather than fix/maintain)

To accomplish this, Dev and Ops must break the silos and work together with each other, share liability for keeping up the framework that runs the product, and set up the product to keep running on the framework with continuous quality input and delivery automation.

In this process there are so many tools and practices used to achieve the results. Source Code Repository, Build Server, Configuration Management, Virtual Infrastructure, Test Automation and Pipeline Orchestration any many more in the process.

DevOps is certainly a group activity, however it’s still vital to clearly define once roles and liabilities for accomplishment inside the group. Means to say it is really important for organizations to make sure Dev and ops teams are collaborating and sharing responsibilities throughout the software delivery lifecycle from planning all the way to manage the production environment.

Now the real problem is that there are various challenges an organization and their employee’s face when they trying to execute DevOps skills because they don’t able to overcome the Developers and Operations mentality and unable to do continuous balance and change of work process, lack of understanding the security and access management, unable to do continuous monitoring, Too chain cashes of Developers and operations and various others problems they face when they try to implement it on their projects. Now you can overcome these challenges by exploring this site DevOpsConsulting where you can get best industry trainers and consultants for corporate and individual training.

DevOps Trainers in India

What is DevOps?

“DevOps is about breaking down the silos between different parts of the organization and making sure everyone is on the same page and working in the same direction,” (a clipped compound of development and operations) is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

Why do we need DevOps?

There is currently a core, chronic conflict that exists in almost every IT organization. It is so powerful that it practically pre-ordains horrible outcomes, if not abject failure. It happens in both large and small organizations, for-profit and non-profit, and across every type of industry.

  • More urgent, date-driven projects put into the queue
  • Make environments available early in the Development process
  • Make sure Dev builds the code and environment at the same time
  • Create a common Dev, QA and Production environment creation process
  • Enforce consistency in code, environments and configurations across the environments

Requirement of DevOps Trainers in India?

Agile development speeds software development. But Dev alone doesn’t get the app into the hands of the customer. Because Ops often hasn’t been involved in development and doesn’t understand what is needed, there is a lot of trial and error in deploying to production, wasting time. And if your software release isn’t automated, it makes getting a new app into production that much slower and error-prone. And to tackle with that DevOps trainer need to know how to overcome such situation so that his will help the employees and to an organisation as well. Trainer play best role in terms of give training of DevOps to the employees who are actual responsible for the production and functionality

Qualities of Best DevOps Trainers?

  • good trainer should be patience, flexibility, empathy, ability to nurture others, creativity, commitment to the job and the ability to be a team player
  • illustrate complex concepts you must draw comparisons to a variety of easily recognizable elements
  • a great trainer is attuned to his or her own energy level and that of the class
  • in order to create as many organic learning moments as possible a trainer has to encourage participants to learn themselves
  • excellent understanding of the subject of the training
  • must have good communication skills for effective delivery

Well known DevOps Trainers in India?

We have professional and experienced trainers form the industry having 10+ experience. They are talented and well known in the city for their training method (easy to learn and easy to understand). You can have look on their profile. So that, you can have faith on them. Click here find their profiles.

How DevOps course is enhancing the capability of software development?

Software Industry in these days adopting a new practice called “DevOps”. This word change the process of software development in a very short time. That is why the demand of DevOps engineers and professionals are high in these days but to become a good DevOps engineer you need good courses and trainers which is a real challenge to find. This challenge has been solved by DevOpsSchool .

But before getting in lets first understand what DevOps is? DevOps is actually a process which integrates developers and IT operation units to improve collaboration and productivity by automation, measurements and sharing. The implementation of DevOps is not only beneficial for developers and operations, but it also has a positive effect on the web service development and quality assurance performance. The main purpose of DevOps is to give fast deployment of features into production and to find and correct the issue when they appear, without disrupting other services. If we look deeply how DevOps skills enhance the software life-cycle than we can find that:-

  1. If we hire people with both development and operations skills which we can find in a DevOps guy, it will create a culture that nurtures collaboration.
  2. DevOps skills looks beyond the line of departments and units, which brings positive change in the whole environment.
  3. DevOps skills give you an overview of the development pipeline, which is helpful for business, developers and operations.
  4. By implementing continuous delivery, DevOps helps to release product on demand.
  5. DevOps skills give you automation by the uses of tools.
  6. By having communication between the Developers and operations teams it will improve understanding.
  7. By use of cloud services in development cycle it will simplify the infrastructure of the network.
  8. By making administrations as adaptation control available for both Dev and Ops.
  9. By recommending changes to your plan of action as required.
  10. By including QA amid the move procedure.
  11. By making QA a partner when considering reporting.
  12. By utilizing Real-time User Monitoring to distinguish issues early.
  13. By setting up a unified framework amid the move to DevOps.
  14. By considering contributions from both Dev and Ops groups similarly.
  15. By recommending utilization of models, for example, CMMI and ITIL.
  16. By executing built up big business procedures, for example, Disciplined Agile Delivery.

If you are a software student or work in IT or in a software industry, whether as a programmer, developer, systems analyst, engineer, database admin or security expert, at some point you will need to know about DevOps and Its implementation. It’s a mindset which is very necessary for today’s software industry. So it’s very important to enhance the DevOps skills by taking good DevOps courses and a good place to start would be DevOpsSchool .

How can you find an experienced DevOps Trainer?

DevOps is a new trending word in IT industry these days. So for those who heard it for the first time and don’t know much about it, they can find dozens of definitions, of course on Google but in simple words we can say “DevOps is more of a culture than anything else”. DevOps is the transformational strategy you should adopt. It’s eliminating the chunkiness of the traditional relationship between development and operations. It will ask companies to increase the speed up of applications delivery without sacrificing the quality the customers expect. DevOps Improves developers makers strength, Implements automation and creates a feedback from Ops to Dev. DevOps is a big change it requires mindset and it send the changes across the enterprise but it can be done. Simply means developers and operations teams working together to innovate faster. The Individual and organizations have successes by implementing DevOps and seen huge improvement in their productivity and quality.

The advantages of DevOps are clear, but the way to change an organization to adopt a DevOps technique presents various difficulties, including how to develop the structure of a group and the culture, what tools to be utilize, how to acquire the abilities, what best practices to implement and how to construct a framework that is dependable and can scale. Here you need an experienced DevOps coach or trainer who can provide you his/her expertise to teach or guide you to learn the DevOps throughout process.

But before going further keep some points in your mind, qualities a DevOps trainers should have:-

  • Experience of DevOps and the Industry: – You should find DevOps Instructor that has successfully embraced a DevOps culture on a large scale and also has experience in industry.
  • Guidance of Process and Best DevOps Practices:- You need a specialist to guide you, to share dos and don’ts and to give rules and best practices so you comprehend when not to compromise.
  • Personal Abilities:- Trainer ought to be patience, flexibility, empathy, ability to nurture others, creativity, commitment to the work and also the ability to be a team player
  • Simplifying Ability:- Illustrate complex concepts you must draw comparisons to a variety of easily recognizable elements.
  • Create an Environment :- A experienced trainer is attuned to his or her own energy level and that of the class
  • Motivational Skills:- In order to create as many organic learning moments as possible a trainer has to encourage participants to learn themselves.
  • Command of the Subject:- An expert DevOps trainer should have excellent understanding of the subject of the training
  • Communication skills :- A qualified DevOps trainer must have good communication skills for effective delivery

Above mentioned skills are must to have in a DevOps trainer so that you can learn and implement it in a right way.

Now the question arises here where you can find Experienced DevOps trainers, consultant and mentors in you cities? Because this is a real challenge these days to find qualified DevOps trainers for Individual and Corporate training. So, I did some research to find and I stopped my search on devopstrainer.in. This is a great search portal where you can find qualified and experienced DevOps trainers across the world in many cities like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Noida, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, San Francisco and many other cities in the world.

How Can You Become A Successful DevOps Engineer?

These days in software industry one word is high in trend and that is “DevOps”. Industry experts define DevOps either as a “culture” or “methodology”. But when organizations and companies looking for DevOps expert for their organizations they post open positions for “DevOps Engineer” or “DevOps Architect”. So we can say DevOps is a culture and methodology but it’s a “Role” too.

Today DevOps is reforming the software industry. These days almost all IT organizations are executing DevOps in their software development process from initial product planning stage to security assurance to quality to user’s feedback. They implementing it because it gives them technical and business benefits. It gives them to deploy code more frequently with less failure rates. By implementing DevOps organizations can provide continuous delivery of software’s with less complex problems to fix and faster solutions of the problems which ultimately means faster delivery of the features, more stable operating environments and they can have more time to add value rather than spending time on fixing and maintain. This is the reason organizations wants to hire DevOps engineers without wasting any time.

To get the benefits of DevOps, it requires so many tools to utilize, automation and process and change in mindset of Developers and Operations. It requires a good team, communication, and continuous collaborations among individuals. Everyone should involve throughout the project life-cycle, which gives everyone a sense of responsibility over the final outcome.

So, it’s really important for a DevOps engineer to understand the process and utilize the different tools and technologies. They should have good experience in system administrations and in operations, they should be comfortable in a quick paced, regularly evolving environment. They should be able to collaborate, convey and reach different departments. They should have skills of data management and they must emphasis on business results and much more.

For best practicing of DevOps, operations and developers individuals and professionals need to learn all the above mentioned skills because in just a short time DevOps has come a long way. It’s now very clear that future of DevOps engineers is very bright. You can gain all these knowledge and improve you skills to become a DevOps engineer you can get help from scmGalaxy which is a great site where you can get training from qualified trainers.

DevOps Trainers in Chennai

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a handy shibboleth. Someone who is attracted to the word is more likely to be enthusiastic about an environment where the lines between software and infrastructure are blurred, if they exist at all.

DevOps integrates developers and operation teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automation infrastructure, automating workflows and continuously application performance. DevOps helps you deliver the best user experience possible and benefits your company by increasing the frequency of deployments of your software and services. DevOps helps to improve performance and quickly release of application. As rapid delivery of software has become a strategic business asset, progressive IT organizations are pursuing a DevOps culture, where development and operations teams, systems, and tools work in lockstep. By aligning goals and sharing tools and strategies, you can improve velocity and code quality, allowing you to innovate faster.

Why do we need DevOps?

Now more than ever, IT serves as the nervous system of the organization, as well as making up an increasing amount of a company’s muscle mass. Why? Most critical business functions are entirely automated within IT, 50% of all capital spending is technology-related, and 95% of all capital projects depend on IT to get done.

  • Even more fragile code put into production
  • Release cycles lengthen to amortize cost of deployments
  • Less complex problems to fix
  • More stable operating environments for the an organisation where employees can work in much better way
  • More time available to add value to the organisation

Requirement of DevOps Trainers in Chennai?

Demand for people with DevOps skills is growing rapidly because businesses get great results from DevOps. Organizations using DevOps practices are overwhelmingly high-functioning: They deploy code up to 30 times more frequently than their competitors, and 50 percent fewer of their deployments fail.


Ops, Dev, and Testing are in different groups and use different systems to manage their environments, the feedback loop that should be in place between Ops and Dev breaks down. Code is just thrown over the wall to Ops, and the production requirements are never communicated to Dev. So to keep this on in the organisation environment, employees have to buck up with all this details and trainer needed there to guide them where to do what and how to do that.

Qualities of Best DevOps Trainers?

  • the trainer must hear questions raised by trainees and understand if the questions reflect other problem
  • Respect is given to the experience and qualifications they can bring to a situation. This will encourage greater participation and activity by trainers
  • Empathy enables a trainer to point out personal difficulties encountered by him in similar learning situations, so as to put the learners at ease.
  • Trainer knows the techniques of repeating instructions, breaking down a task into small units and allowing time for learners to try out.
  • A good trainer conscientiously moves a group of learners along to a pre-set destination

Well known DevOps Trainers in Chennai?

Our trainers are from the industry, and they working for so many years. They are experienced and professional and confident enough to handle complex situation. You can see their profile, just click here.

Challenges of finding qualified DevOps Trainer

DevOps is now trending in software industries these days thus every small and big organizations wants to adopt DevOps in their work culture. Nowadays finding a qualified DevOps trainer is not that easy because most of the professional DevOps trainer is being hired by top IT industries or startups. So, its really a tough job to find a quality trainer. But, to get this job done devopstrainer is a great search portal where you can find them easily.

Before further guidance, Lets first talk about DevOps terminology because still so many software students and professionals still confused about DevOps. For them, I would say DevOps is not a tool or product. DevOps is a set of practices that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. The main purpose of developers is to quickly produce new features to meet customers and projects needs while the main purpose of operations is to manage stable and healthy applications. Regularly changes are undoubtedly the biggest enemy of stability and understanding the confliction between development & operations is one of the main objective of DevOps. So in the whole process from planning to execution to delivery you need qualified DevOps engineers and mentors for implement and guidance.

But, before choosing a DevOps trainer read out further so that you can find a right DevOps trainer. DevOps trainers should have complete knowledge of subject and tools because DevOps is a process and collaboration between operations, development and testing, which requires multiple tools throughout the process. A trainer should be knowledgeable in the subject and they should convey the topics to the audience in a manner so they can learn it easily. Other thing is that a qualified trainer must have right amount of experience. A mentor is like a role model for their trainees so they should be enthusiastic, mature and confident. They must possess the right communication skills and must be motivated so that the participants can take that energy and learn the process and when they will get into the real work process they can Implement DevOps process effectively.

So, now comeback to the real challenge to finding the Qualified DevOps trainers. As I mentioned above that devopstrainer.in is a portal where you can find qualified DevOps trainers worldwide. This site follows stiff rules and scenarios for listings. Here you can find professional trainers in cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Noida, Bangalore, Amsterdam, London, Mumbai, Berlin, Madrid, Dubai, San Diego and many others.