Mannarsala Nagaraja Temple is one of the most important centre of snake worship in Kerala, Sree Nagaraja temple is situated at Mannarsala near Haripad town, about 35 Km away from Alappuzha on the Alappuzha-Kollam route. Mannarsala Ayilyam is the famous Festival of this Temple. It is believed that by 'Uruhi Kamizhthal', which is placing a bell shaped vessel upside down as an offering to the deity,childless couples are blessed with children. The sacred turmeric paste of the temple is believed to cure leprosy. The eldest Female member of the Mannarsala Family Known as 'Amma' is performing Pujas in the temple.The temple is one of themost important centers of serpent Worship in Kerala.The grove is covered with massive trees and twisting serpentine vines thast seem to fall from the sky giving the primeval temple a mysterious and magic ambiance. Small stone serpents of every form and shape, sculptured and installed by those devoted to the serpent gods, line the walls that trace the perimeter of the temple.Larger granite idols can also be seen installed here, covered with moss and vegetation and wrapped between the twisted vines. These are perhaps offered directly to the snakes of the grove.

Mannarsala may be translated as the place where the soil has cooled down. The place is said to have connection with the Khandava episode of the Mahabharta epic. A fire had broken out in the forest and led to the death of the serpent folk. The survivors fled for their lives and found a cool place which was unaffected by the fire.These are perhaps offered directly to the snakes of the grove.Built in typical Keralan architecture, the main shrine of the temple is dedicated to Nagaraja, the serpent king.Childless women will visit Nagaraja Temple to pray for a child, and if they give birth then they return to the shrine with offering of grains that weigh the equivalent.

Mannarasala temple is a serpent shrine under the patronage of a brahmin family, headed by a priestess. The ancient shrine is an internationally renowned pilgrim centre dedicated to the Serpent God Nagaraja. Traditionally, Hindu naga snake worshippers had temples in serpant groves. Of these, Mannarsala is the largest with 30,000 images of snake of gods along the path and among trees, and many snakes living around the temple. Sarpa Yakshi and Naga Yakshi are the beloved consorts of Nagaraja. It is believed that Nagaraja as the installed diety is endowed with the form of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and the spirit of Lord Shiva. Legend has it that the first priestess of Mannarasala gave birth to a five-headed snake, which is believed to reside in the ancestral house to safeguard the family. At Mannarasala barren women are believed to be blessed with children and a special turmeric paste available at the shrine is credited with powers to cure even leprosy.

The main offering given to the Lord is salt and turmeric. The temple is famous for removal of all ills associated with Sarpa Dosha - a bad feature occurring in a person's horoscope due to unfavourable location of the planets. Lord Nagaraja is believed to be the remedy for this ill. Also, issueless couples make a visit to the temple and offer an uruli to the Lord. This is kept face down until their vow is fulfilled. Once their prayers are answered, they come back, upturn the uruli and express their gratitude.The main functions performed in the temple are during the Malayalam months of Kanni and Thulam on the day of the star Ayilyam, which is the birth star of the Lord. In Kanni and Thulam, the deity is taken in a procession by the priestess in a mood of frenzy. Pooja is performed throughout the night.

Location info:

Address:Haripad town, Mannarsala, Alappuzha, kerala, India.
District: Alappuzha District
Nearest City:Cherthala, Ambalapuzha and Kuttanad,Haripad.
Best time to visit:September to May.


In Summers (March to May) have a dry and humid weather with maximum temperature to nearly 37°C, Winters (December- February) are pleasant with temperature between 22°C to 30°C.


Lord Parasurama who built a temple in this place brought several Brahmins and made them live in this place. But due to very large number of snakes and the water being saline, they left the place. Lord Parasurama did Thapas to Lord Shiva who asked him to propitiate Vasuki, the king of snakes for a solution. Parasurama did accordingly and Vasuki being pleased,assured him that these snakes would remain here but would not hurt anybody in this village. All villagers would have to build a snake temple in their house and daily light a lamp in front of it at dusk. As to the salt in the water, he was assured that it would be removed to the sea. Parasurama gladly agreed and again brought the Brahmins who were all Namboodiri Brahmins. They built their houses here and lived happily. Parasurama built a temple for Naga Raja and Naga Yakshi in that place. He instructed one family called Irinada palli to build their home in the temple compound. The first residents of this house were Vasudevan Namboodiri and his wife Sridevi andarjanam.

Their family continued to look after the temple,but after a while one of their descendants did not have children. They prayed at the temple and as a result, got two sons. One of them was a snake. This snake was born on Aslesha(Ayilyam) star of the Kumbha month (February-March). This snake son told his mother that the snakes living in the area were very happy with their family. However they wanted only the eldest female member of the family to perform the ceremonial worship in the temple. Since their mother was the eldest, the snake assured her that she would be taught all the rituals that have to be followed in the worship. He taught his mother the rituals and since that time, the worship in this temple is performed only by the eldest lady of the family (She is called Mannarsala Amma(mother)).Thereafter the snake son entered the dark store room in that house and warned that none should enter the room except that once a day it could be opened for worship by the Amma of the temple. She normally keeps a cup of milk and then closes the door. Next day, the cup is found empty. This snake in the store is called “Grand father” by all people and all of them revere that snake. The other son born along with the snake established two temples in Mannarsala, one dedicated to Naga Raja and another to Naga Yakshi. The story goes that one of the snakes in the temple was given as a dowry for a girl who got married to a Brahmin family in Kayankulam. That snake entered the store room of that house and a similar temple like Mannarsalai was built there. This temple is called Mey Palli. And is near Kayamkulam.

Another story of this temple that originated as early as the age of Mahabharata. It is believed that during the Pandava epoch, the whole Khandava forest was burnt. However, a small patch of land in the midst of the forest remained intact. Hence the justification to the name of the place -- Man (sand) Ara (dried) sala (place).

Interesting things to do:

You can do pooja to Naga and if u have Sarpa Dhosha, visit to this temple and take a Pooja.

Interesting things to Visit:

Ambalapuzha Temple:

The Ambalapuzha Temple is a typical Kerala style built temple, dedicated to Sree Krishna is situated 8 miles south of Alappuzha, kerala . Ambalapuzha temple is famous for its temple architecture and the milk porridge- Paalpaayasam. Chembakasseri Pooradam built this temple in 800 AD. One of the legends connected with the origin of this temple is related to the sage Vilwamangalam Swaamiyaar.


Anary is a typical village which is situated nearer to Haripad. There are 5 temples out there. Both Pampa and Achankoil river flows through Anary and its separated to two areas because of this rivers.


Pallipad is a typical village which is situated nearer to Haripad.A serene and calm village with vast stretches of fertile paddy fields crisscrossed by waterways.Achankoil river flows through Pallipad ,Even though it is a Hindu-dominated area, there existed the presence of a strong Christian community consisting of Orthodox, Catholic and Marthomite churches. It was the presence of the Pentecosts that started causing rifts in the religious sentiments of the people.


Karichal is nearer to Haripad. Karichal and Payippad is divided by Achankovil river. The famous Payippad Jalotsavam is conducted in Achankovil river, locally known as 'Payippaattu Aaru'. This three day water festival can be viewed from the river banks at both Karichal and Payippad. The snake boat of Karichal known as "Karichal Chundan" won many trophies at Alleppey Nehru Trophy Boat Race' and is known to all Boat Race lovers for its high ranking performance and agility.

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Nearest Railway Station:

Alleppey railway station, and Alleppey is well connected by train to Cochin and Trivandrum.

Nearest Airport:

Trivandrum International Airport and Cochin International Airport

Road Transport:

Mannarsala can be reached from several points. One may take a train on the Thiruvananthapuram-Ernakulam line or catch a bus on the National Highway en route Haripad. There is also a bus stop at Haripad from where auto rickshaws ply regularly to the temple and also SRTC buses are plenty which are connecting all the major cities in Kerala. Trivandrum to Alleppey costs less than Rs 100 and Cochin to Alleppey costs less than Rs 50. Private luxury coach buses are available to interstate destinations like Bangalore, Chennai and Managlore.

Nearest Visiting places:

Chavara Bhavan:

Chavara Bhavan is the ancestral home of the blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara. It is now a holy shrine and spiritual resort where thousands of devotees gather for prayer, receive favours and feel amply gratified. Here, a 250 year old historically important beacon of light is preserved intact in its original.

Krishnapuram Palace:

Located at a distance of 47 km from Alappuzha on the way to Kollam, this palace was built in the 18th century during the reign of Marthanda Varma. This palace is noted for its typical Kerala architecture, with gabled roof, dormer windows and narrow corridors. Here you will find the famous mural kept in the western end of the ground floor, called ‘Gajendra Moksham’ which is the largest mural in Kerala.

Kuttanad Region:

The region is known as the 'Rice Bowl of Kerala'. It is perhaps the only region in the world where farming is done below sea level. The boat trip to Changanacherry passes through this beautiful and fertile region.

Arthunkal Church:

This christian Pilgrim centre near Sherthalai is 22 km. north of alappuzha. The St. Andrews Church here was built by Portuguese missionaries.

Edathua Church:

This church, dedicated to St. George is of special significance as it is believed that prayers and offerings here help in healing all kinds of mental disorders and other ailments. The annual feast is held from 5th - 7th May and attracts devotees from all parts of south India.

The Vijaya Beach Park:

Picnic spot with children’s park & boating facilities.


Karumadi, three Kms. east of Ambalappuzha, has a statue of Budha called Karumadikuttan, a perennial source of interest for the tourists.

Thakazhi's Village :

This most famous for the late novelist Thakazhi Sivasankaran Pillai, who belonged to the same village. Most of the people recognized his personality, through the film Chemmeen, which is based on his novel of the same name, portraying the tale of romance and tragedy among the fisher folk of the Alleppey coast. Sivasankaran Pillai's house has now been converted into the museum housing the author's award, his personal effects, pen, spectacles and typewriter.

Alleppey Boat Races :

This is one of the most colorful boat races in Kerala. It is held on the second Saturday in the month of August annually in the Punnamuda Lake in Alleppey. The boats of all size and shapes are decorated with the beautiful trimmings and umbrellas. These boats vary from 30 to 60 meters that can accommodate around 100 rowers, 4 helmsmen and 25 cheer leaders.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Indian Oil Petrol Pump
NH 47, Puthiyakavu,
Karunagappally, Kollam

Pathirappally Petrol Pump
Alappuzha, Kerala
Tel: 09388844689

BP Petrol Pump
Alappuzha, Kerala

Aswathy Petrol Pump
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Indianoil Petrol Pump
Mavelikkara, Alappuzha


Murali Hotel Harippad
Haripad, Kerala.

Alleppey Prince Hotel
A.S Road (N.H.47)
P.B. NO . 2613
Alappuzha (Alleppey)
Tel :0477 2243753.

Kayaloram Heritage Lake Resort
Punnamada Alleppey
Kerala 688006
Tel: 0484 2352744.

Akkarakalam Memoirs
West chennamkary P.O
Kerala 688501
Tel: 0477 2762345.

Alleppey Homestays- Aashiana Homestay
Civil Station Ward
Alleppey, Kerala 688001
Tel :0477 2238808.

Green Palace Resort
Chempumpuram P.O
Kerala 688505
Tel: 0944712571.

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Police Station:

Pulincunnoo Police Station
Tel :0477 2222222.

Marrarikulam Police Station
Alappuzha, Kerala
Tel: 0478 2862391.

Nedumudy Police Station
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Ambalapuzha Police Station
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Muhamma Police Station
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Nearest Hospital:

Haripad, Kerala
Tel: 0479 2412005.

District Ayurveda Hospital
Alapuzzha, Kerala.

Vandanam Medical College Hospital
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Surya Hospital
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Government Hospital
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Ursula Hospital
Alappuzha, Kerala.

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St George Horeb Jacobite Syrian Church
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Krishnapuram Palace
Krishnapuram Palace is located Kayamkulam, 47 km from Alappuzha (Alleppey), Alappuzha district. Built in the 18th century by Marthanda Varma, This two-storied Krishnapuram Palace was once the residence of the Maharajas/rulers of Kayamkulam kingdom. This palace features narrow corridors, saddled roofs and dormer windows. This palace is under the supervision of Archaeology department and is one of the brilliant Kerala highlights. Krishnapuram Palace has been restored as a heritage building and is visited by several tourists.Its gabled roofs, narrow corridors and dormer windows are reflective of the typical Kerala style.It is now under archeological survey of India and showcases the traditional Kerala architecture with narrow corridors, gabled roofs and dormer windows.....more
Pulinkunnu Island
Pulinkunnu is an island village nestled among Pampa Nadhi, backwaters, lakes, wetlands and canals.Pulincunnu is an island village in Alappuzha district in the Indian state of Kerala.Pulincunnu is located in the Kuttanad taluk and region of Alappuzha District.The scenic beauty of the wide river ride through the Pampa river is the reason why this route is one of the most favoured by houseboats tourism operators in Kerala. It is part of the Kerala Backwaters, a network of lakes, wetlands, and canals. The famous Rajiv Gandhi Trophy boat race is held here during the months of October-November every year.....more
Kayamkulam Lake
Kayamkulam Lake is located inKayamkulam, Alpuzzha district.it is spread over an area of 60 sq km and is one of the most scenic backwaters in Kerala. The lake, which lies in both the Allepey and Quilon district, is a shallow lake which merges with the sea at the Kayamkulam barrage. Stretching between Panmana and Karthikappally, the Kayamkulam Lake has an area of 59.57 sq km, a length of 30 km and an average breadth of 2.4 Km. It connects the Ashtamudi Lake by the Chavara-Panmana canal.he wide opening of the lake into the Arabian Sea offers spectacular view of the sunset through the web of Chinese fishing nets to the tourists cruising in the houseboats.....more
Punnamada Lake
Punnamada Lake is located just 3 kms from the Alappuzha city, Alappuzha district, kerala.Spread over 10.5 acres with water frontage stretching over a kilometer, the resort enjoys an ever refreshing weather.Punnamada Lake is surrounded by coconut and areca nut trees and lush vegetations. A journey in the country-made boats through the lake will provide awe-inspiring sights of paddy fields and stretches of coconut palm groves.Punnamada Lake is where the annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race takes place. Every year during the second Saturday of August, thousands of people throng to this place to witness the breathtaking boat race......more
Ambalapuza Temple
The Ambalapuzha Temple is a typical Kerala style built temple, dedicated to Sree Krishna is situated 8 miles south of Alappuzha, kerala . Ambalapuzha temple is famous for its temple architecture and the milk porridge- Paalpaayasam. Chembakasseri Pooradam built this temple in 800 AD. One of the legends connected with the origin of this temple is related to the sage Vilwamangalam Swaamiyaar. Devanarayana Raja surrendered his kingdom to Sreekrishnan after the consecration of Ambalapuzha temple and assumed the name Devanarayanan. The idol at Ambalapuzha is likened to Parthasaarathhi with a whip in the right hand and a Shankhu (sacred conch) in the left. It is also in this temple that 'Pallipana' dance is performed by 'Velans' (sorcerers) once in twelve years.....more