Kolkkali Dance is one of the popular dances of Kerala. There are a number of arts and crafts practiced in Kerala, including dance, martial arts, and ritual arts. The dance forms of Kerala are mainly folk dances, and bear the legacy of the traditional art and craft of Kerala.Kolkkali,also called Kolukali, Koladi etc, is a widely prevalent group dance in Kerala especially among farmers. Noted for its exposition of physical skills, Kolkkali is believed to have been in existence for more than a millennium.In Kalkoli dance of kerala all the performers move in a circle, striking small sticks and keeping rhythm with the special steps. The circle get expanded and contracted as the dance progress further. When the accompanying music rises at a pitch, the dance reaches its climax. Many of the traditional performing art forms of Kerala like Kathakali, Kolkali, Velakali, and Thacholikali have drawn elements from Kalarippayatt during their stages of evolution. It is believed to be a dance form that is more than thousand years old.Kolkali is a group dance mainly performed by the Muslims. In this highly rhythmic dance, the performers hold short sticks in their hands with which they make the rhythm by beating them. It is performed to the accompaniment of vocal music consisting of meaningless syllables followed by songs. It is a highly rhythmic dance, known for its exhibition of physical skills, in which a group of dancers wield small sticks. A group often has 12-24 performers each with two sticks in hand. A harmonious synchronization of the tapping of feet to the clapping of sticks sets the rhythm of this amazing dance.

The dancers sing and move in a circle around a nilavilakku as they dance and strike the small sticks in harmony. Though the dancers break away to form various patterns, they keep rhythm with special steps. As the Kolkkali dance progresses, the circle expands and contracts. The pace and rhythm of the dance differs from phase to phase as the accompanying music gradually rises in pitch and the dance culminates.




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