Huge Networks of Hospitals and Doctors

SurgeryPlanet is a Pioneer, leader and the most trusted name in the Medical Tourism Industry. We are a US based, global Medical Tourism company, with healthcare facilitation services in 44 countries through our network of over 1000 hospitals, clinics and health resorts. Our headquarters is in Concord near San Francisco bay in California with offices in major cities around the globe. We specialize in arranging and facilitating medical care for  patients  from  every country including US, UK, Canada, Middle-Eastern and African countries. Our network hospitals  are in 120 destinations including  Thailand, Mexico, Belgium, India, Germany, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and Brazil. We are the only Medical Tourism company to provide door to door, individually tailored service to our clients with a multitude of exclusive services. Our team has a combined total of over 100 years of experience in the medical care, travel and medical facilitation industry. SurgeryPlanet and its partner companies have been serving our clients in this industry since 2006 and we are proud of achieving a 100% customer satisfaction rating. Our growth is measured by the number of satisfied clients we serve and  not measured by our revenue.

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