About 10 Places to have street foods in Goa

Goa street foods and Goan fast food are what you should eat if you want to try great food at unbeatable prices - which I think you want. This list includes dishes that are known for Goa. In this link related to street foods in Goa, you will find the most popular Goa outlets which are cheap - search for street foods in Goa, street food in Goa, Goa dishes and popular places also for street foods. It lists different outlets where you can get the street foods listed below.

Alankar Food Street (Mapusa, Goa)

Alankar Food Street is located in Mapusa, Goa and is located adjacent to the theater, Alankar Food Street is a Gulzar street, which is a specialty of a chain of vendors that is related to food. It is open from 6 a.m. every evening, from mouth-water cabbage to tandoori and sugar, with milkshake and juice, you will see it here. Thinking about the prices? If you are on a budget, then the prices will actually bring smiles on your face.

What to Eat?

  • Tandoori and Chinese
  • Milkshakes and juices
  • Butter Chicken
  • Chicken lollipops

How much is the rate of the ferry?

It’s very reasonable but ferry rates are fixed by the Government of Goa from time to time.

Price of some dishes in Alankar Food Street

  • Chinese fare (noodles and fried rice) costs Rs. 100 for a pack that could feed 4 easily.
  • Butter Chicken is Rs. 220 for a full plate.
  • Chicken lollipops cost Rs. 100 for 6 pieces.

Address: Alankar Food Street, Mapusa, Goa

Opening Time: Open from 6pm every evening.

Contact Number: +91 090111 49391

How to reach Alankar Food Street, Mapusa

Alankar Food Street is located right at the Cansaulim Circle, opposite the HDFC ATM. Get onto the Dabolim-Cavelossim road or the Verna-Cansaulim road from the Edapally-Panvel highway and head to the circle at Cansaulim.

The Goan Food Truck (Cansaulim, Goa)

Goan Food Truck is located in Cansaulim, Goa. Goa Food truck is popular as local and tourist and is running every day. It sells many types of mouth-watering food, like pork/beef cutlet bread, chicken zakuti, pork chop, sorpot, beef steak and sausage bread, everything is super tasty on your menu and for you, more Will have to come back.

Some special dishes in The Goan Food Truck

  • Mouth-watering food
  • Pork/beef cutlet bread
  • Chicken zakuti
  • Pork chop
  • Sorpot

Price of some dishes in The Goan Food Truck

  • Cutlet bread and Sausage bread costs Rs. 35.
  • Pork Chops and Beef Steak are also priced at Rs. 35.
  • Chicken Xacuti and Sorpotel are priced at Rs. 50.

Address: The Goan Food Truck, MDR43, Cansaulim, Goa

Opening Time: Open from 6pm every evening.

Contact Number: 9922152035

How to Reach the Goan Food Truck

The Goan Food Truck is located right at the Cansaulim Circle, opposite the HDFC ATM. Get onto the Dabolim-Cavelossim road or the Verna-Cansaulim road from the Edapally-Panvel highway and head to the circle at Cansaulim.

Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora

The Saturday night market is located in Arpora, Goa. This market is divided into three areas: Lower field is Pepper with local and international clothing, accessories and knee lids with kiosks; The Central Field creates an array of food stalls serving lavish food from around the world; And in the upper area there are designer stalls and boutiques. From organic salads to Greek cuisine from Greek, Israel, Mexican and Italian cuisine, you will find everything here. This market also hosts live music performances and activities.

Some special dishes in Saturday Night Bazaar

  • Thalassa: Greek food with Shawarma/Gyro
  • Grilled Chicken for whole rotisserie chicken
  • Chinese Kiosk for hot crispy spring rolls
  • Italian food, Pasta and Ravioli

Address: Saturday Night Market, Aguada – Siolim Rd, Xim Waddo, Arpora, Goa

Contact Number: +91 099221 00009

Opening Time: Open every Saturday from 6 pm until late night.

Calangute Market Square, Calangute

Calangute Market Square is located in Calangute City, and Calangute Market Square rotates in the number of viewers from 6:30 to 12 a.m. on every Saturday. It is prepared with food stalls and restaurants that sell tasty marine snacks and other dishes. You can get all types of sea food with cold beer and other beverages. You can also buy fresh seafood, fish, and meat from here. Not only food, this market is home to many shopping stalls to sell everything from textiles, carpets, accessories, leather goods, and souvenirs.

Special Foods: Fresh seafood, Fish, and Meat.

Address: Calangute Beach Area, North Goa, 403516.

Calangute Market Square timings: Every Day 9.0 am to 8.0 pm.

How to reach Calangute Market Square

Thivim is nearest railway station. It is located 15 KM from Calangute Market Square and it is 40.1 KM from Dabolim Airport.

Candolim Market

Candolim Market will satisfy all tastes in some of the best street food joints in Candolim, between King Kane, Michael Lobo's center, and Monico, there are some names for you Can indulge in, prawns chops, egg chops, vada pav, chicken lollipops and authentic Goan cuisine.

Some Special Street Foods

  • Prawns chops
  • Egg chops
  • Vada pav
  • Chicken lollipops

Address:Candolim Market, opp football Ground Pintos Vaddo, Candolim, Goa

Phone: 098223 41332

Opening Time: Open every day from 7 am until 10 pm

Panjim City Markets

Panjim City Markets is an important trip for a meal as well as for shoppers, which are open from late morning till night, sellers, fresh and dried fish, cashews, Goa spices, local and foreign vegetables and fruits Sells wines, sweets, flowers and even local handicrafts and artifacts. The main attractions of this market are seafood dishes such as kingfish, Pomfret, squid, mackerel, mussels, oysters, crabs and tiger prawns.

Some Famous Dishes

  • Pomfret
  • Squid
  • Mackerel
  • Mussels
  • Oysters
  • Crabs and tiger prawns

Address: Panjim City.

Opening Hours: Daily from 7:30 am to late evening.

Mapusa Friday Market

The Mapusa Friday Market is a weekly market which is organized in Mapusa. This market sells fresh local produce, clothes, furnishings, utensils, and handicrafts. Mapusa is also the food stalls serving authentic Goa food in Friday Market.

What to Eat?

  • Chicken lollipops
  • Tandoori and Chinese
  • Milkshakes and juices
  • Butter Chicken

Address: Mapusa Market, Mapusa Market Area, Panjim, Goa.

Open Hours: Open from 8:00 am until 6:30 pm.

Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Market has always been a tourist with tourists, although it is popular for shopping, there are also many food stalls which sell some delicious street food. Grab a bite while enjoying people and wrap your evening after walking on the beach side.

Some Special Dishes

  • Prawns chops
  • vada pav
  • Chicken lollipops
  • Butter Chicken

Address: Anjuna Flea Market, 10, St. Michael’s Vaddo, South Anjuna, Anjuna, Goa

Phone: +91 098901 70260

Visit Time: Open every Wednesday from 9 am until 6 pm.

Miramar Beach Street Foods

Miramar Beach stands along many street food carts and stalls which serve finger-lined street food throughout the day. The whole area is immersed in the aroma of the food served in street food stalls. You will find a variety of North Indian cheat (snack items) with special 'Bombay bhel puri' from Bombay. Also at the chat stalls, Shower Stalls, Ice Gola vehicles and many other stalls sell local dishes. This is a place that you should mix spicy and sweet dessert, definitely should go.

What to Eat?

  • Bhel puri
  • Ice Gola
  • Chat
  • Mix spicy and sweet dessert

Address: Miramar Beach, Goa

Visit Time: Open on all days of the week

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Goa street foods and Goan fast food are what you should eat if you want to try great food at unbeatable prices.