List of Waterfalls in Tamilnadu

Agasthiar Waterfall
Agaya Gangai  Waterfall
Aintharuvi  Waterfall
Amirthi Waterfall
Anju Veedu  Waterfall
Ayyanar Waterfall 
Bamen Waterfall
Bear Shola Waterfall
Catherine Waterfall
Chinnakallar Waterfall
Chitraruvi   Waterfall
Elk Waterfall
Fairy Waterfall
Gaur Vellaiyan Waterfall
Glen Waterfall
Halashana Waterfall
Hogenakal Falls 
Jalagamparai Waterfalls 
Kalhutti Waterfall
Kalikesam Waterfall
Karteri Waterfall
Kiliyur Waterfall
Kolakambai Waterfall
Koraiyar Waterfall
Kovai Kutralam   Waterfall
Kumbakkarai Waterfall
Kutharapaanjan Waterfall
Kuthiraiyar Waterfall
Kutladampatti Waterfall
Kutralam Waterfall
Law’s Fall Nilgiris  
Mangalam Aruvi Waterfall
Mayil Uthu Waterfall
Milk Waterfall
Monkey Waterfall
Neptune Waterfall
Paalaru Waterfall
Palaruvi  Waterfall
Pambar Waterfall
Papanasam Waterfall
Pazhathotta Aruvi   Waterfall 
Pazhaya Courtallam   Waterfall 
Peraruvi Waterfall 
Periyar Waterfall
Poombarai Waterfall
Pudur Megan Waterfall
Puli Aruvi Tiger Waterfall
Puthu Aruvi   New Waterfall
Pykara lower Waterfall
Pykara upper Waterfall
Sengupathi Waterfall
Shenbaga Devi Waterfall
Shenbagathoppu Waterfall 
Silver Cascade Dindigul Waterfall 
Siruvani Waterfalls   
Skamba Waterfall
Snake Waterfall
Suruli Waterfall
Thakkam thootam Waterfall  
Thalaiyar Waterfall
Thenaruvi honey Waterfall
Thirumoorthy Waterfall
Thiruparappu Waterfall
Thoovanam Waterfall
Ullakarvi Waterfall
Vaana Theertham Waterfall 
Vaideki Waterfall
Vattaparai Waterfall 

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