Latitude & Longitude of all tourist destinations in Gujarat

Latitude & Longitude of all tourist destinations in Gujarat





1 Akshar Dham – Gandhinagar 23.23173 72.67351 Gandhinagar
2 Dwarkadhish Temple – Dwarka 22.2457 68.96494 Jamnagar
3 Somnath Temple – Patan 20.88799 70.40116 Junagadh
4 Sun Temple – Modhera 23.58333 72.13344 Mehsana
5 Ajit Nath Temple – Mehsana 23.59948 72.39153 Mehsana
6 Palitana Jain Temples – Palitana 21.52979 71.81934 Bhavnagar
7 Bhadreshwar Temple – Dwarka 22.24716 68.98178 Jamnagar
8 Ambaji Temple – Ambaji 24.33369 72.85007 Banaskantha
9 Shankeshwar Temple – Modhera 23.62565 72.14447 Patan
10 Jumma Masjid – Ahmedabad 23.02389 72.58461 Ahemadabad
11 Siddi Sayed’s Mosque – Ahmedabad 23.02856 72.58006 Ahemadabad
12 Ranchhodraiji Dakor 22.75339 73.15109 Kheda
13 Nageshwara Mahadeva Temple – Dwarka 22.03982 69.19464 Jamnagar
15 Chotila Chamunda Temple 22.41913 71.20992 Rajkot
16 Harshad Mataji Tample 21.87106 69.34433 Porbandar
17 Manav Mandir Temple – Ahmedabad 23.04649 72.53448 Ahmedabad
18 Sarangpur Hanumanji Temple – Ahmedabad 23.01905 72.60107 Ahemadabad
19 Shree Swaminarayan Mandir – Bhuj 23.25361 69.66911 Kutch


1 Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach 20.74456 70.9267 Junagadh
2 Beyt Dwarka 22.45759 69.1 Jamnagar
3 Diu Beach 20.7118 70.99503 Diu
4 Chorwad 21.00343 70.21843 Junagadh
5 Madhavpur Beach 21.25298 69.95459 Junagadh
6 Porbandar beach 21.63868 69.59367 Porbandar
7 Kutch Mandvi Beach 22.83157 69.35609 Kutch
8 Gopnath Beach in Gujarat 21.31496 72.11151 Bhavnagar

Forts and Monuments in Gujarat

1 Bhadra Fort and Teen Darwaza Ahmedabad 23.02547 72.58118 Ahmedabad
2 Mata Bhavani Well Ahmedabad 23.00415 72.52204 Ahmedabad
3 Tomb of Ahmed Shah Ahmedabad 23.05944 72.60221 Ahmedabad
4 Sabasrmati Ashram Ahmedabad 23.05865 72.5774 Ahmedabad
5 Shaking Minarets Ahmedabad 23.02224 72.59989 Ahmedabad
6 Dada Hari Wav Ahmedabad 23.04096 72.60547 Ahmedabad
7 Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara 22.2938 73.19213 vadidar
8 Old Fort Surat 21.19618 72.81816 Surat
9 Navsari Near Surat 20.95185 72.92146 Surat
10 Udvada Near Surat 20.48354 72.86816 Surat
11 Sanjan Near Surat 20.19287 72.81905 Daman
12 Fort of St Jerome Daman 20.41302 72.83189 Daman
13 Lighthouse Daman 20.41221 72.83094 Daman
14 Moti Daman Fort Daman 20.40602 72.83369 Daman
15 Zampa Gateway Diu 20.7151 70.99545 Diu
16 Nani Daman Fort Daman 20.4139 72.83172 Daman
17 Portugese Fort Diu 20.71502 70.99588 Diu
18 Fortim do Mar Diu 20.71758 71 Diu
19 Uperkot Fort Junagadh 21.52367 70.47154 Junagadh
20 Mahabat Maqbara Junagadh 21.52697 70.46013 Junagadh
21 Ashokan Edicts Junagadh 21.51688 70.46013 Junagadh
22 Lighthouse Dwarka 22.23604 68.95878 Jamnagar
23 Sabha Mandapa Dwarka 22.2443 68.96414 Jamnagar
24 Lakhota Palace Jamnagar 22.46775 70.06522 Jamnagar
25 Bohra Hajira Jamnagar 22.481 70.07011 Jamnagar
26 Kaba Gandhi No Delo Rajkot 22.29815 70.80517 Rajkot
27 Prag Mahal Bhuj 23.25483 69.66825 Kutchh
28 Aina Mahal Bhuj 23.25523 69.66866 Kutchh
29 Durbar Gadh Bhuj 23.25436 69.66946 Kutchh
30 Capital Complex Gandhinagar 23.22061 72.65799 Ganghinagar
31 Gandhi Ashram Gandhinagar 23.06015 72.58049 Gandhinagar
32 Tomb of Jesal Toral Anjar 23.11976 70.03192 Kutch
33 Dholavira Ruins Kutch 23.52 70.13 Kutch
34 Vijay Vilas Palace Mandvi 21.53857 71.83379 Kutch
35 Lallubhai Haveli Bharuch 21.7056 72.97703 Bharuch
36 Citadel of Mahmud Beghada Champaner 22.4833 73.5333 Vadodra
37 Pavagadh 22.46672 73.50048 Vadodra
38 Archaeological Park 22.51002 73.53836 Vadodra
39 Adalaj Vav 23.03618 72.55916 Ahmedabad
40 Rani ki Vav Patan 23.85876 72.10216 Ahmedabad
41 Langhanaj Mehsana 23.45128 72.4823 Mehsana
42 Harappan Ruins Lothal 22.52298 72.24896 Ahmedabad
44 Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba Lakhpat 23.8255 68.77769 Kutch

Museums in Gujrat

1 Shreyas Folk Museum Ahmedabad 23.0141 72.54109 Ahmedabad
2 Kite Museum 23.01213 72.55893 Ahmedabad
3 Tribal Museum 23.06268 72.57088 Ahmedabad
4 Museum Of Antiguities 23.14036 72.60864 Jamnagar
5 Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum 22.33229 73.1377 Vadodra
6 Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum 23.03312 72.54968 Ahmedabad
7 Watson Museum 22.30053 70.80176 Vadodra
8 Sardar Vallabhai Patel Museum 23.06075 72.59085 Surat
9 Kacchchh Museum 23.24874 69.66635 Kutch
10 Darbar Hall Museum 21.52072 70.46501 Junagadh
11 Arts And Crafts Museum 23.04372 72.56659 Bhavnagar
12 Archaeological Museum at Lothal 22.52298 72.24896 Ahmedabad
13 City Museum Ahmedabad 23.00802 72.57568 Ahmedabad
14 Calico Museum of Textiles Ahmedabad 23.05478 72.59165 Ahmedabad
15 Zoo Museum Junagadh 21.54085 70.46848 Junagadh
16 Rotary Midtown Doll’s Museum 22.29367 70.79129 Rajkot
17 NC Mehta Gallery Ahmedabad 23.04451 72.60178 Ahmedabad
18 Folk Museum Bhuj 23.2501 69.67478 Kutch
19 Diu Museum 20.71558 70.98897 Diu


1 Ukai Dam 21.24074 73.57338 Surat
2 Kadana dam 22.77048 73.61278 Panchmahal
3 Dharoi Dam 24.02208 72.88811 Sabarkantha
4 Dantiwada Dam 24.3302 72.25914 Banaskantha
5 Narmda Dam 21.83051 73.74933 Vadodra
8 Sardar Sarrovar Dam 21.83051 73.74933 Vadodra
1 Satpuda hill -Saputara 21.96667 74.86667 Dang
3 Shatrunjaya 21.52979 71.81934 Bhavnagar
4 GIRNAR HIILL 21.5 70.55 Junagadh
5 AMBAJI 24.3325 72.84917 Banaskantha

Water Falls

1 Janjirval waterfall 20.98149 70.76814 Junagadh
2 Gira Waterfall 21.13318 70.76706 Junagadh
3 Narmada Waterfall 21.88316 73.49699 Vadodra

Wildlife Sancturies

1 Gir Forest National Park 21.13564 70.79658 Junagadh
2 Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar Bhavnagar 22.04383 72.01126 Bhavnagar
3 Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch Jamnagar 22.46281 70.06977 Jamnagar
4 Vansda National Park Navsari 20.69367 73.53585 Surat
5 Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary Kutch 23.21786 69.65516 Kutch
6 Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary Narmada 21.72075 72.97737 Vadodra
7 Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary  Banaskantha 24.17808 72.4205 Banaskantha
8 Narayan Sarovar Sancuary  Kutch 23.67674 68.53962 Kutch
10 Barda Wildlife Sanctuary  Porbandar 21.80833 69.71167 Porbandar
11 Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary Banaskantha 23.83333 73 Banaskantha
12 Purna Wildlife Sanctuary Dangs 22.76825 73.60945 Dangs
13 Jambuhoda Wildlife Sanctuary Panchmahal 22.36099 73.66539 Panchmahal
14 Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary  Ahmedabad 22.82176 72.05521 Ahmedabad
15 Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary Dahod 22.85561 74.26363 Panchmahal
16 Pania Wildlife Sanctuary Amreli 21.60287 71.21817 Amreli
17 Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary Rajkot 22.47195 70.88928 Rajkot
18 Thol Wildlife Sanctuary Mehsana 23.13152 72.37939 Mehsana
19 Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary Rajkot 22.03981 71.20723 Rajkot
20 Khijadia Bird Sanctuary Jamnagar 21.88333 71.16667 Jamnagar
21 Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary Jamnagar 22.46426 70.06905 Jamnagar
22 Kutch Bustard Sanctuary Kutch 23.26406 68.80325 Kutch

Gardens In Gujrat

1 Sayaji Bagh Vadodara 22.30655 73.18758 Vadodara
2 Dutch Gardens Surat 21.19133 72.81335 Surat
3 Jetty Garden Daman 20.40827 72.84287 Daman
4 Kadaiya Lake Garden Daman Daman
6 Aji Dam Garden Rajkot 22.27321 70.83658 Rajkot
7 Akota Gardens 22.29313 73.16889 Vadodara
8 Law gardens 23.02626 72.56684 Ahmedabad

River inGujrat

1 Narmadar River 21.84856 73.70512 Vadodara
2 Tapi nadi 21.34126 74.90553 Surat
3 Bhadar river 21.61686 69.98981 Junagadh
4 Sabrmati 22.30123 72.40806 Ahmedabad
5 Gomati River 22.23786 68.96092 Jamnagar


1  Navaratri
2 Kite Festival (Makar Sankranti)
3  Deepavali
4 Shiv Ratri
5 Janmashtami
6  Kutch Desert Festival


1 Tarnetar Fair 22.57655 71.19685 Surendranagar
2 Shamlaji Fair 23.6847 73.36792 Sabarkantha
3 Chitra Vichitra Fair 23.45833 73.29707 Sabarkantha
4 Vautha No Melo
5 Bhavnath Fair 21.52735 70.50179 Junagadh
6 Madhavpur Fair 21.25655 69.96248 Junagadh
7 Sarkhej Fair 22.97852 72.4909 Ahmedabad

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